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The specifications define the requirements for products, materials, workmanship for the contract, requirements for administration, and the performance of the project. 

The structure of specifications and the subtle relationships between the divisions and the individual sections are paramount to the successful completion of a project.

Our Technical Writing services are provided to create or to update your master specification system to comply with industry standards.

Project Manuals are developed by preparing bidding/procurement and contracting requirements based on owner-provided documents, preparing Division 01 Sections coordinated with the owner's general and special requirements, preparing technical specifications, and coordinating the preparation of specifications by other consultants into a Project Manual.

We provide product research for specifying the appropriate products for the project.  This includes project specific material evaluation services to determine suitability of construction materials using current codes, industry standards, technical properties and maintenance criteria.

The building envelope is the physical separator between the interior and the exterior environments of a building. It serves as the outer shell to help maintain the indoor environment (together with the mechanical conditioning systems) and facilitate its climate control.  Building envelope design is a specialized area of architectural and engineering practice that draws from all areas of building science and indoor climate control. 

Our expert services include design consulting and field inspection for water control, air flow control, and thermal envelope control.

We also have "Building Envelope Thermographic" capabiliites involving an infrared camera to view temperature anomalies on the interior and exterior surfaces of a structure.  Analysis of these images are useful in identifying water intrusion or internal condensation, energy leakage,microbial growth, in-place insulation, hidden structural elements (i.e., bracing),  electrical short circuits, and can verify proper fastener placement for roofing membranes and fire rated gypsum board construction.


EXISTING FACILITY ASSESSMENT:  Analysis and assessment of the physical condition of existing facilities to provide a regulatory "baseline" for future renovations or additions to the building.

CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION:  Construction contract administration and provides field observation, shop drawing review, RFI analysis, Change Order review, and construction closeout services.

ARCHITECTURAL FORENSICS:  Analysis and investigation of alleged Building Code non-compliance, alleged existing building deficiencies, and determination of causes of building component failures.

LEGAL EXPERT WITNESS SERVICES:  Expert Witness services relating to Building Code Compliance, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance and construction materials / specifications / contract conformance.

STAFF EDUCATION AND TRAINING:  In-house training in building codes, construction materials and methods, and architectural specifications.

 WATERPROOFING INSPECTION:  Certified W.R. Grace waterproofing inspectors available to verify the installation practices for warranty qualification.

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